Lịch sử hình thành


2007.03 Released newly designed all models
2006.02 Acquired two Patent right for Portable Busbar machine
2005.06 Released Portable Busbar Machine NSB-505
2004.03 Contract a Agent Contract in the field of Middle East Asia


1997.03 Participated Exhibition and exported the machines to Saudi Arabia
1996.03 Developed and released NSB-606A Multi Processing Machine for Busbar
1994.03 Developed and released NSB-601A/Compact Multi Processing Machine fr Busbar


1989.03 Developed and released NSB-603/Multi Punch Press for Switchgear Busbar for the first time among Korean Busbar Processing Machine manufacturer
1987.03 Exported ATS to Vietnam and South East Asia
1986.04 Developed ATS
1986.04 Renamed to Namsung Industries Co


1976.10 Established factory of Injection Molding and mold
1976.07 Established as Namsung Inc